Collection of values.

Release the attraction.

"Italian Refined Design"×"Japanese World-class Technology"
"Pursuit ‘the concept of visible wardrobe."

‘GiGi’ is the definition for all of them.
With this aspiration, this product has become extremely original.

Conveying that this brand with full of brilliance,
we would like to propose a new lifestyle for contemporary Japan.

Brand Story

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Luigi Mascheroni

architect / brand designer

Architect and representative of Decoma Design Srl. His nickname is ‘Gigi’
He has been working on product design and technical design for many well-known brands not only from Italy, but also from other foreign countries.
‘ePole ’ is developed with gathered technology that are cultivated for many years.

Daniel Ribeiro

architect / marketing director

Architect of Decoma Design Srl and business partner of Gigi. He has produced ‘ePole’ with Gigi as a new storage system.
He tries to spread the new living space of ePole with his passion.

‘ePole’ changes the existing concept of ‘storage’.

‘ePole’ is made from the Italy’s Decoma Design studio with over 35 years’ experience.
It is a new type of storage system with carefully selected materials that are well-balanced,
and made with their deep consideration on function of
furniture and how it used with high attention on its fine detail.

“The important thing is the design of the details.
Piled such small things produce high quality products.”

It is our philosophy and it is the heart of "ePole".
‘ePole’ roles as a heart, which has a sensitive system,
and it conveys a passion like pulse and will become one step to make various spaces.

We will continue to challenge producing the design that decorates
a beautiful living space without existing concept of the storage.

Minimalism, light and the cutting edge technology provide people new ideas about living space.
‘aria’ is the system, which has a support system from back.
The tilted shelf board provides the view to the whole contents that are usually hidden.


‘ePole’ looks purely beautiful from all angles.
Vento is a storage supported by only central poles.
There is nothing unnecessary, so you might feel sharpness as well as buoyancy.


Light and transparency would bring spaciousness and freedom to your life.
‘alba’ with the feature of pole configuration and the luminous back board.
Storage can be defined as an accessory nowadays. It can be also be a partition, a showcase, and/or lighting.



~ Confidence of being ‘high-end’ ~

Decorate your favorites in the visible closet,‘ePole’ That is what expresses your status.
Watches, shoes, suits, and wine.
Lining up your favorite first-class selection from various fields.
Since ‘GiGi’ can be decorated with your individual value and experience,
its space will be full of originality and so nothing comparable to others.


~ Your own original ‘GiGi’ ~

The attractiveness of the visible closet ‘GiGi’, is that the type of drawers, colors and materials can be customized freely.
Depending on how you choose the type of glasses, leather or fabric for the drawer,
or color scheme, it can totally be an unprecedented showcase.
Lining up your favorite bags, shoes, or accessories on your own ‘GiGi’
model you will see the distinctive world full of your originality.

Pride of being ‘Hi-end’.

We will carefully create the new product ‘ePole’ with long experience over 35 years by Decoma Design studio in this Japanese manufacturing factory.

With our own long experience and high leveled technology, we work on producing as the original sophisticated design, and deliver it to you as early as possible by processing in the domestic factory.

Quality is not only about the products.
We work from planning to installing consistently by our company with responsibility,
and we will maintain the maintenance system in order to enrich your living space in a longer term.

Italian purification and advanced living style.
‘GiGi’ has a technology that enriches the Japanese living style.



If there is any product problems or damage under normal use conditions, we will repair the product.

  • The warranty applies to products that have been
    installed by us within 1 year after delivery.
  • If you have purchased at a sales agent,
    please contact the place of purchase.
  • Repairs after the warranty period will be charged.

First, please send us an email to with your name (or corporate), date of purchase, product name, and summary of symptoms.
Alternatively, you can also call 03-6434-7450


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